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Fotos Servicios



With over 20 years’ experience in the maintenance of welding and cutting machinery, we offer you the best service in:


  • Corrective maintenance:
    • Repair of welding and cutting machinery
    • Official technical service of major welding brands
    • Adaptation of machinery according to customer’s needs
    • Adaptation of machines according to European standards
  • Preventive maintenance:
    • Scheduled periodic reviews at customer’s facilities

Technical Consultancy:

  • Setting up new units
  • Technical consultancy in welding processes
  • Technical consultancy in the acquisition of new machinery


  • Repair of welding and cutting machinery
  • Long-term leasing of machinery
  • Machinery delivery and subsequent collection service

Installation and assembly:

  • Integration of machines in automated and robotized units
  • Study and assembly of welding fume extraction units
  • Study and assembly of industrial gas facilities

Somos SAT autorizados y reparamos las principales marcas de soldadura, como: